Moon Cycle Cleanse

Discover your body's unique response to the right foods for healing. Learn to make lasting changes in sync with the phases of one lunar cycle.

Moon Cycle Cleanse

Natural and transformational healing in tune with the changing moon

The ideal parasite & candida cleanse. Simplify, listen to your body, and nourish. No drama.

Choosing real change might be easier than you think, especially when guided by the distinct phases of one complete moon cycle, and Be Loved Cleanse. This program usually lasts 28 days, beginning before a Full moon and ending several days after the New moon. By incorporating a full lunar cycle we can achieve the most thorough cleansing of parasites, candida, fungus and bacterial growth. This is because of parasites’ response to the varying levels of serotonin and melatonin that fluctuate with the degree of light. Bacteria are essential to a normal healthy human microbiome but they can start to undermine our health when they begin to overgrow. This 4-week journey is both dynamic and gentle, incorporating a phased nutrition plan that adapts meaningfully along with nature’s own processes. 

Health is wealth

What's Included

What You Receive with a Moon Cycle cleanse

Individual Consultation

A private session with me to talk about your history, health conditions, individual needs and aims, mind & body.

Pre Cleanse Guide

Essential guided prep & diet adjustments to ease your body & mind into the process .


I provide homemade meals, broths, juices, & herbal elixirs for specific phases of this 28 day journey. The days without are carefully planned to keep you well supported & on track.

Group Support

Share your cleanse journey, ups & downs, joys & challenges with me in small, safe WhatsApp groups.

Home Delivery

All meals & drinks from local & organic produce homemade by me with love, and available for pick up or delivery.

Post Cleanse Guide

Detailed guidance on breaking your cleanse and how to go forward in health and with intention. 

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Food for Life

Healing with whole foods

Nature's healing bounty

I prepare everything for you during your cleanse using the freshest local, seasonal and organic produce. All foods, juices, smoothies and herbal elixirs are vegan recipes developed by me over years. According to individual preference I do also offer homemade chicken or bone broths from organic grass-fed sources.

Supporting your body’s natural detoxification pathways

Whole foods present solutions for a mind-body-spirit reset, and real sustainable healing. Your body naturally releases toxins so supporting the organs of elimination, especially the liver, colon, kidneys, and lymphatic system, with really clean plant-based and tasty foods plays a key role in the body's ability to heal.

Cleanse Benefits

Why Be Loved Cleanse

Love Notes

Kind words from my clients

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