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About me

Food Matters® Institute Nutrition Coach and advocate for food as medicine.

Be Loved Cleanse is designed and hosted by Melania Gil de Sagredo.

I am a Food Matters® Institute certified Nutrition Coach, mother of two growing boys, and founder of Karakaya Valley Retreat meditation & healing arts centre in Bodrum, Turkey. My professional background is as a Doula, Osho Active Meditation Facilitator, and Social Pedagogue. In 2016, after spending 13 years living in Turkey, life brought my family and I back to my birth land of Spain, where we are blessed to live on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

I am offering my programs with Be Loved Cleanse as a tool for empowering individuals through nutrition and lifestyle in both my soul homes, Mallorca and Turkey.

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My Journey

What led me here

Over the past 2 decades, my projects include opening Istanbul’s very first organic health food café DeliBakkal, co-founding Karakaya Retreat, and establishing Imece Cocuk Bahcesi, a Waldorf-inspired kindergarten in Turkey that is still thriving 11 years later. As a trained Doula, I have accompanied women in birth to nurture their own families. Building community around my passions and inviting like-minded people from diverse backgrounds together to grow alongside one another is my inspiration.

For many years I have focussed on discovery, experimentation, and healing with food. I have been particularly inspired by raw food and the approach of my friend Kate Magic, juicing, and the medicinal detoxes of Dr Gabriel Cousins, Gerson Therapy, Ann Wigmore, and Medical Medium author Anthony Williams.

I adore food; I love to eat and to host, both at home and at work. While running Karakaya Retreat for 4 years I designed menus, prepped and catered for large groups of guests that attended our wide range of workshops. This gave me the chance to share my experience in a healing atmosphere for groups of people all seeking deep wellbeing as well as fun.

About me

My roots and me

My journey has always been full of feasts and community. I grew up in the communes of Osho in Europe, India, and the US during the 80s and 90s, and in adulthood have understood that my strength lies in nurturing community. Fortunately, I have been able to create spaces for groups of people to share in all phases of my life so far, and I have experienced the most joy from these energetic, caring, and dynamic environments.

The most challenging times in our lives may well be when we, or someone close to us, is not well. Each of these periods in my life has taken me deeper into my exploration with food as medicine; my mother’s hepatitis C when I was a child, my severe anaemia as a teenager, my body and well-being postpartum, my husband’s diabetes, and my son’s eczema, allergies, and dyslexia. Navigating unwellness can be lonely and stressful. Whether it has been more nuanced symptoms or chronic illness, in my and my family’s experience of recovery, healing truly begins with nutrition.

My training

Food Matters and beyond...

The Food Matters® Nutrition Certification Program was created to change the future of healthcare and share a life-changing education with those who need it most. It’s the culmination of over 15 years of working with the world’s best doctors and experts in the fields of nutrition, functional medicine, and mind-body education.

My certification is recognized by the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC) which acts as quality control assurance ensuring standards. It is also an approved training provider under the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). This means that upon completion of the Food Matters® Nutrition Certification Program, graduates are eligible to receive credibility, membership, and insurance from IICT to practice as a certified nutrition coach.

I continue my path of study and to deepen my knowledge in the field of nutritional and natural healing. I am currently training further as a Detox Specialist™ from The Health Sciences Academy®. This is a science-based certification specialising in the areas of toxicology and detoxification.


Eating a high-nutrient diet actually makes you more satisfied with less food, and actually gives the ability to enjoy food more without overeating

My Practice

Gentle effective cleansing means...

considering the importance of...

understanding biochemical individuality

Its so crucial to recognise that we need to listen to our own bodies. Health conditions across the spectrum manifest so differently in different people. We are all unique and have ever changing needs throughout our lives. Because of this, a flexible and individualised approach to nutrition is essential

Cleansing naturally & safely at a pace that suits your body

Cleansing can be an ongoing part of a healthy lifestyle that offers your body a regular rest and reset. A lifestyle that incorporates periodic cleansing rituals is a marathon, not a sprint. There is little benefit to shocking your body with radical and restrictive detox regimes. These often backfire.

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