Reboot your kitchen

Reducing toxic exposure in your home with a product overhaul. from foods & storage to laundry & shopping

Reboot Your kitchen

Let me into your kitchen for a space detox and deep clean up

Cleansing your home environment to create a healthy non toxic space

During this uplifting process I guide you to choose healthier and positively healing options for your home, from the food you stock to the cleaning & cosmetic products you use, and how to store it all. My kitchen reboot eliminates the toxic products from your safe space and takes you back to the clean unprocessed basics. Its easier to do and more cost effective than you might think.

From the water we drink, and the easy meals we grab, to the packaging on the products that we live with, our bodies are constantly in a mode of defence because of chemicals, VOC compounds, heavy metals and plastics everywhere. Much of the time, we don’t even feel it. When we learn what is good and vital for our bodies, and what isn’t and how we can avoid it, we can start a deep healing journey. 

Our climate is changing dramatically, and with the non-stop digital bombardment of info and mixed messages calling out to us to consume everything, and more, we are aware that we are surrounded by toxins and negative frequencies in our environments. We can take action and get educated on how to live clean while we eat clean. First step – reboot that kitchen of yours.

Eating a high-nutrient diet actually makes you more satisfied with less food, and actually gives the ability to enjoy food more without overeating

Home reboot benefits

Practical simple changes for living well

The Process

The Kitchen Reboot process

We begin with an initial consultation so that I can understand your health goals and what you want to change. The next step is my visit to your home when we go through your kitchen together identifying what stays and what is not helping. We look at your food produce, how you store it, your fridge, how you prep your food, and the cookware & utensils you use. I suggest healthy alternatives and we look at how you can let go of toxic household items and replace them with clean green safe ones.

Next phase is to go shopping together. I help you to identify best food choices, the right shops, health and whole food stores, as well as more economic alternatives. Living alone can make the process of change quite straightforward. When you are in a family with multiple demands and tastes, change might need more flexibility. I can support you navigating that transition so that everyone is happy and understands the journey you are on and how it can work for all.

Love Notes

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