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Throughout history people have looked to the moon’s profound influence to guide them.

Paying attention to the Lunar Cycle

Using the moon's influence to guide us

Liquid planet, Liquid Bodies

While the moon orbits earth, it not only causes the ocean tides, but its waxing and waning light affects plants’ growth, animals mating, feeding and migration, our energy levels, moods and activity. Myths and legend, ancient and contemporary, science and philosophy, have been inspired by the profound impact the moon appears to have on humans’ physical, emotional and spiritual existence. We can use the times when the moon is having its various effects on earth’s environment to our advantage, and to find harmony between nature and our bodies.

Throughout time people have used the moon to guide them with agriculture; in the same way observing the night sky was sailors’ original method of navigation. Eons of history shows humanity’s survival guided by nature; what she allows and what she doesn’t. We too still have nature to guide us. The phenomenon of the tides, when our oceans – which make up 71% of Earth’s surface- move daily under the gravitational pull of the moon, reveals the magnitude of influence that the moon exerts on the earth. And when our liquid planet is reacting, our bodies – which are composed of up to 75% water – respond and adapt too.

Cleansing with the moon

Working with nature

My interest in using the lunar cycles as a guide developed while addressing specific problems I was having with my hair. Michel Gros’ book In Tune With The Moon was a huge inspiration to me around this time. I now follow his Lunar Calendar diary for my organic garden, as well as for my work and my family’s health and wellbeing. Gros’ biodynamic approach goes beyond farming to suggestions for living our lives more fully in sync with the moon. From choosing the optimal time for a haircut, when to cleanse, and what to eat, I have found this a simple and sustainable way to sow harmony and abundance in my life as well as in my garden.

The Waning Moon

Release and Let Go

While full moon is ideal for a parasite cleanse, the waning moon best supports the detoxification of liver and kidneys which is the focus of my Seasonal Reset and Liver Cleanse programs. The waning phase, during which the moon’s light is fading, prepares us once again for the journey inward until the new moon rises; it is the ideal time for elimination of toxins through organic whole foods and herbal teas. To go inward and reflect, we need to let go of what is not serving us, and for this too the waning moon is the perfect time to set this intention.

Depending on our sensitivity, we each feel the effects of the moon to a greater or lesser degree. Although the frenetic pace of modern life can make it difficult to perceive these changes, their impact on the human body is real and manifests in different ways.

Let’s align ourselves with this guiding energy to choose the right times to cleanse, the right times to wait, and the right time to create. From excess weight, low energy and fatigue, to digestive disorders, bloating, headaches, inflammation, and premature ageing, we can eliminate what doesn’t serve us in tune with the moon.

The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished

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