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1:1 Nutrition Health Coaching

personalised nutrition mentoring & support

Food based natural healing for your amazing body

As a nutrition health coach, I offer personalized guidance and support to help you with your intention to make sustainable changes to your diet and overall well-being. Together, we address habits, build awareness, and make informed choices for lasting wellness. My coaching focuses on empowerment and long-term success, considering the full spectrum of health factors. Whether you seek healing and specific support for chronic/acute illness management, enhanced performance, or a generally healthier lifestyle, my client-centered approach equips you with the skills and knowledge to achieve your goals.

Your body is the one and only. Finding the right path of nutrition for you is a journey. A cleanse process is the perfect return to the clean basics. This way we support gut health, and the detoxification of the digestive and lymphatic systems. The cleanse program I design for you depends on your body, your health and lifestyle. What works well for one person might not suit someone else, although gentle elimination, reintroduction and personalised adjustments are key in each of my 3 week, 6 week and 3 month 1:1 health coaching packages. As you progress it becomes easier for you to start to listen to your body. This is a process and a relationship, with me as a coach and guide, but most importantly for you with your self, your body and your mind.

1:1 health Coaching

A process of achieving health and joy through nutrition & lifestyle, and self compassion & acceptance.

Whether you choose a 3 week, 6 week or 3 month 1:1 guided program, caring for your body is always a holistic journey,  and your intention is a grounding source of self motivation. Mind, body, and soul are interconnected, and the body serves as the foundation for accessing other layers. My 3 week package develops an essential awareness for the body-mind connection, while further along over a 3 month intensive you really witness that awareness manifesting. Begin a path of newfound health with a fully supported and carefully personalised cleanse program, focusing on gentle elimination, healthy additions, and adjustments. We take a close look at your health symptoms, diet and habits, and even your kitchen itself, to embark on a process that identifies what might be holding you back, body and mind.

My programs include indepth consultations, sharing general health observations, journals and logs, meal ideas, new additions, and regular check-in meetings. As you progress, you will learn how to tune in to the voice of your own body, helping you to create a boundary between your unique body wisdom and the many voices and advice that saturate us from the outside every day. Your energy levels and sleep improve, your nutrition choices become more instinctive, intuitive and positive, and you start to look and feel really great!

How do I know if 1:1 nutrition coaching is for me?


So much is achieved in this 21 day program to prove that you have the power to enact meaningful changes for a healthier you. You will feel renewed energy, shift bad habits you might have thought impossible, begin to shed unwanted weight and start to glow for sure. CONNECT is a catalyst for fostering positivity and self-belief, proving that you have the power to enact meaningful changes for a healthier you.

While the process initially focuses on identifying and eliminating unnecessary elements, it goes beyond restriction. Instead, it’s about nourishing your body with revitalizing, adaptive, and detoxifying additions to your diet. This approach kickstarts a profound shift in your overall outlook and sense of well-being. And it’s easier and more enjoyable than you ever imagined it could be.

  • Initial in-depth 90 min consultation (value 120 Euro) following questionnaire and food log.
  • 3 Sessions of 40 min. To be used when needed
  • Weekly text/mail accountability check ins
  • Healthy recipe suggestions and meal ideas designed to your needs and preferences
  • Investment : 360 Euro


Over 1.5 months this personalised nutrition and lifestyle revival only strengthens the new connection you have begun with your body. Over 6 weeks, we have the opportunity to delve deeper into understanding how various foods impact your body uniquely. Together, we’ll witness the cumulative effects of the positive changes and discipline you’ve embraced. As you progress, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable with your new habits, fostering increased confidence, a sense of empowerment, and freedom to explore and experiment further. 

A process of cleansing, and then gradually reintroducing and trying out new foods creates a heightened awareness in our bodies and remarkably starts to transform our lives in other ways too. As we heal the body, particularly the gut, evidence shows a profound effect on emotional and mental well-being. Hand in hand with feeling so much better in your body, you can feel increased creativity, clearer intentions and enhanced ability to set boundaries, more sustainable energy levels, and more balanced moods.

  • Initial 90 min consultation (value 120 Euro) following in-depth questionnaire and food log.
  • 5 Sessions – 40 min meetings 
  • Weekly text/mail accountability check ins
  • Healthy recipes and meal ideas designed to your needs and preference
  • Unlimited support and accountability for you to reach your goals
  • Feedback on food journal with personalized recommendations
  • Investment: 600 Euro


Over this 3 month wellness intensive progressively you have the time and space, fully supported, to profoundly witness the changes to your body and mind that this integrative and holistic approach to nutrition and self care offers. As always your program is completely unique and designed just for you, your body, lifestyle, pre-existing health, needs and aspirations. After 90 days you will be managing cravings far more effortlessly, seeing weight loss goals sustained, and you may well experience a metabolic reset, depending on your particular plan. The improvement of skin complaints, migraines, mood swings, the symptoms of hormonal imbalances, sleeping problems and more will be well established.

This immersive journey promotes real lasting change and takes you beyond a reset and into the realm of a complete nutrition and lifestyle overhaul. With your commitment to your own health and self care, I guide you throughout, sharing my experience and tips, equipping you with tools and practices that not only achieve short-term goals, but serve as a foundation for a healthier and more vibrant life ahead.

  • Initial in-depth 90 min consultation (value 120 Euros) following questionnaire and food log.
  • 11 sessions – 40 min meetings
  • Weekly text/mail accountability check ins
  • Unlimited messaging support between sessions
  • Healthy recipe suggestions, tips and meal ideas to your preference and needs
  • Feedback on food logs with personalized recommendations
  • Unlimited support and accountability for you to reach your goals
  • Investment : 960 Euro

You deserve to heal. You deserve to be happy. you deserve to feel whole.

Coaching Benefits

Individually designed nutritional health coaching

Nutrition Coaching Process

Healing is believing

My individual nutrition health coaching encourages you to tune in to the voice of your own body, helping you to create a boundary between that body wisdom, and the many voices and advice that saturates us from the outside every day. We also look at your health symptoms and work to identify what might be contributing negatively in your diet.

During a 1:1 process, together we identify the elements your body doesn’t need, the foods and habits we get used to without even realising they are holding us back. You’ll learn about whole food choices and prep, and go forward absorbing what is really nourishing, realising that it is both enough and enjoyable. From there with my support you  will build a new routine for your body introducing options gradually, and learning to recognise what feels good and what doesn’t. 

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