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I have clients who come to me wanting to begin a path of natural healing for disease and chronic illness when medicating has not been successful or has caused too many adverse side effects. I have those who instead want to compliment medication with a cleaner diet. Others have already integrated regular cleansing into their lifestyle and appreciate the togetherness and professional support that I can offer. 

Your body is the one and only. Finding the right path of nutrition for you is a journey. Returning to the clean basics starts best with a cleanse. What kind of cleanse depends on your body, your health and lifestyle. What works well for one person might not suit you; gentle elimination, reintroduction and adjustments are key. From that first cleanse to detoxify and cleanse your gut, digestive system and lymphatic system it becomes easier for you to start to listen to your body and your nutrition choices become more instinctive and positive over time. This is a process and a relationship, with me as a coach and guide, but most importantly for you with your self, your body and your mind.


You deserve to heal. You deserve to be happy. you deserve to feel whole.

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Personalised nutrition plans

Nutrition Coaching Process

Healing is believing

My individual nutrition coaching sessions encourage you to tune in to the voice of your own body, helping you to create a boundary between that body wisdom, and the many voices and advice that saturates us from the outside every day. We also look at your health symptoms and work to identify what might be contributing negatively in your diet.

During this 1:1 process, together we identify the elements your body doesn’t need, the foods and habits we get used to without even realising they are holding us back. You’ll learn about whole food choices and prep, and go forward absorbing what is really nourishing, realising that it is both enough and enjoyable. From there with my support you can build a new routine for your body introducing options gradually, and learning to recognise what feels good and what doesn’t.

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