Nutrition coaching & organic whole food cleanse programs in Mallorca

nurturing the body's innate ability to heal itself

What I Do

Nutrition coaching and healing Cleanses with whole foods & natural supplements

Be Loved Cleanse is hosted by me, Melania, a Food Matters Institute® certified nutrition coach.

I offer small group food-based cleanse programs using 100% organic whole foods, juices and herbal elixirs, and each designed according to specific phases in the moon cycle. I also give individual Nutrition Consultation sessions and a Reboot Your Kitchen home detox, which is a powerful practical step towards changing habits, goal setting and wellness. 

With Be Loved Cleanse, my essential tenet is that the body can heal itself if we remove obstacles and learn to listen to it. So my approach promotes an empowering, gentle and flexible process by which you cleanse your body for optimum health and body-mind well-being. The influence of the lunar cycles on our biological parameters and biorhythms is at the heart of my program design. 

Be realistic, expect a miracle.

Cleanse Programs

Take a look at my restorative personalised Cleanse programs

Tap into the natural wisdom of your body with manageable detox practices that are designed to be sustainable, and to fit in to the lives of busy and working people. Apart from water, during your cleanse all food, juices, elixirs and snacks are prepared and homemade by me. You can either collect, or use my home delivery service. Although challenging in its own way, Be Loved Cleanse encourages cleansing without restriction, hunger, or the pressure that so many diets and detoxes tend to transfer. By avoiding the drama, you can really start to feel yourself, listen to your body, and experience the energy that a gentle, gut-healthy and clean range of delicious whole foods can offer. You will also learn methods that you can return to throughout your life whenever you need a reset.

Seasonal reset

A perfect first step to making healthier choices, gently cleanse and restore balance over 3- 5 days.

liver cleanse

This 9 day cleanse encourages the liver to release toxins, and lets you rediscover your natural energy levels.

One Moon Cycle

Ideal for parasite and candida cleansing, this program spans one moon cycle and lasts around 27 days.

My Approach

Gentle effective cleansing means...

considering the importance of...

The body healing itself

The human body is a remarkable organism with incredible restorative capabilities. You don’t have to fix everything. Remove the major obstacles and let your body’s self healing mechanisms do the rest.

Supporting your body’s natural detoxification pathways

Your body naturally releases toxins through sweat, urine, and stool. Supporting the key organs of elimination, especially the liver, digestive system, kidneys, and lymphatic system, plays a key role in the body’s ability to heal.

Understanding bio-chemical individuality

We need to learn to listen to our own bodies. Health conditions across the spectrum manifest so differently in different people. Each one of us completely unique, and we have ever changing needs throughout our lives, so a flexible and individualised approach is essential.

Cleansing naturally & safely at a pace that suits your body

Cleansing can be an ongoing part of a healthy lifestyle that offers your body clean foods, a regular rest and reset. A lifestyle that incorporates periodic cleansing rituals is a marathon, not a sprint. There is little benefit to shocking your body with radical and restrictive detox regimes. These often backfire.

My Mission

Be Loved Cleanse is about more than detoxing- its about taking charge of your health.

My mission is to help my clients reach their nutrition goals for overall health and wellbeing, and to find a balance between effort and ease when nourishing their bodies with food. My approach is holistic, using organic whole foods as medicine for healing. At the heart of my practice is the belief that with consistent healing with food, we can improve our health, treat pre-exisiting conditions and prevent others, and more harmoniously navigate our lives and meet the challenges that arise. We can also see our emotional world, relationships, and careers thrive. My cleanse programs and coaching empower individuals to explore themselves, body, mind and spirit, through nutrition and lifestyle, guiding them to find their inner health and vitality.

About me

For the love of food

My journey has always been full of feasts and community. I grew up in the communes of Osho in Europe, India, and the US during the 80s and 90s, and in adulthood have understood that my strength lies in nurturing community. Fortunately, I have been able to create spaces for groups of people to share in all phases of my life so far, and I have experienced the most joy from these energetic, caring, and dynamic environments.

After many years of discovery, experimentation and healing with food – particularly raw food, juicing, and medicinal detoxes – my integrated approach with Be Loved Cleanse as a Food Matters® Institute Coach continues my passion to empower individuals through nutrition and lifestyle, to find inner health and vitality in a conscious and sustainable way.

Love Notes

Kind words from my clients

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